Banda MS ventures into the urban genre with “Gracias a ti”

“We take the risk of venturing into this rhythm”

Banda MS put “all the meat on the grill” with the launch of the song Gracias a ti, which incorporates an urban rhythm and a youth theme to conquer new generations and in the process erase the stigma that has marked Mexican banda music.

“We take the risk of venturing into this rhythm, which is an urban rhythm, because we want to show that many things can be done with banda music, that it is very varied, very versatile,” says Oswaldo Silvas, founding member and vocalist of the group. .

The interpreter explains that Gracias a ti is aimed at a young audience, mainly Latino, and it sounds totally different from what the Mexican group has done so far.

However, he clarifies, they were very careful “not to distance ourselves too much from the essence of the MS Band, so as not to disconnect from the public that we already have captive”.

It is not the first time that the group, born in 2003 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa state (hence the acronym MS of its name), integrates other musical expressions into its production.

Silvas mentioned in particular the collaborations with the American rapper Snoop Dogg and the Mexican Santa Fe Klan on the songs Qué maldición and Dos mundos, respectively, which combine the romantic theme and sound characteristic of the Mexican norteño genre with the rhythm of hip-hop.