Bárbara de Regil and her secret to having the steel abdomen that she boasts in networks

Bárbara de Regil has an impact figure that has made her a popular fitness influencer.


Through her social networks, Bárbara de Regil shows her healthy habits and workouts that have been the subject of controversy

Barbara de Regil She began her career in show business as an actress and model, but she did not just stay with that: little by little, she has managed to have a true community of followers on social networks, especially on Instagram (her number of followers almost reaches nine million) due to her routines and health advice that have turned her into a a fitness figure.

The healthy way of life that Bárbara de Regil leads daily It has resulted in an enviable abdomen of steel that he does not hesitate to show off at all times; but she not only shows off her body: she also easy exercise routines to do at home and healthy food recipeswhich made her a true fitness guru, although this, of course, has made her the target of criticism.

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In fact, recently some photographs that Bárbara de Regil uploaded to Instagram went viral, where, In addition to showing off a beautiful and tiny bathing suit, she takes the opportunity to show her well-worked abdomen, which looks marked thanks to constant exercise; His fans obviously did not miss the opportunity to tell him that he looks spectacular, but what is his secret to achieving that ultrafitness figure that everyone wants?


In various interviews, Barbara de Regil has reiterated that in order to have a fitness body discipline is essential, as well as believing in yourself to achieve your goals. And for example, a button: in some Instagram stories that she recently published, the model assured that He never makes excuses for not training. He always complies with his exercises, even if he went to a party the night before.

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When there is desire, you can. One alone makes excuses for not doing things, but it is possible when he really loves himself, ”he confessed. the influencer when asked for motivational advice, showing that with effort, patience and discipline everything is possible.