Bárbara de Regil makes the Day of the Dead “ugly”, she prefers to celebrate Halloween!

It is no longer a surprise that Bárbara de Regil is trending on social networks for her controversial and not so loved, by netizens, opinions.

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Bárbara de Regil makes “the ugly” of the Day of the Dead, she prefers to celebrate Halloween!

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In the best style of Yahirtza and her Essence, the actress caused her to be “cancelled” on social networks, after she “despised” the celebration of the Day of the Dead, one of the most emblematic traditions of Mexico.

It was during a red carpet in Mexico City, in which Bárbara de Regil was approached by the press and questioned about what the difference was between the Day of the Dead and Halloween.

When questioned, Bárbara turned around and asked the same question to her daughter Mar, who was also present at the event, to which she responded: “ah?”

Immediately, the content creator also answered the question, surprising with her statements.

“Not on the Day of the Dead, I don’t like to celebrate the dead, I kind of feel like that in life, right? That thing about having to put them on… better in life you have to take them for a walk, I’m very like that”, commented the protagonist of the soap opera Cabo.

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The actress pointed out that she does not continue with the tradition of making an altar for the dead and explained her justification: “I’d rather talk to him and give him what he likes than, once he’s in heaven, give him his coke and his photo.”