Bárbara de Regil reveals what will happen to Rebecca Jones in “Cabo”

Bárbara de Regil, the protagonist of the soap opera “Cabo” spoke about the situation that Rebecca Jones, her co-star in the melodrama, is going through.

Rebecca plays “Lucía viuda de Noriega”, a woman who firmly believes in the strength of the family and who, as seen in the story, would do anything to defend her children.

The soap opera had barely been on the air for a week when the news broke that Rebecca had voluntarily hospitalized after suffering some symptoms of a respiratory illness. Days later, her public relations agency reported that it was pneumonia.

“During the last few days, she has shown an impressive improvement, the antibiotics and medications that kept her slightly sedated were withdrawn,” her agency published on November 9.

However, she remained in the hospital and did not return to the forums, which led to reports that she would be replaced in the soap opera.

Barbara de Regil, although she did not elaborate on the issue of Jones’ health (“I prefer that she talk about herself”), she did reveal the production plans.

“She is very well and we are waiting for her, God willing she returns soon, the date of her return is known by Güero Castro (the producer of the soap opera) but I hope it will be soon.”

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