Bárbara de Regil sent a strong message to Gala Montes for her confrontation in networks: “I don’t know her”

Gala Montes and Bárbara de Regil mercilessly argued on Instagram over the death of a dog (Photo: Instagram / @barbaraderegil @galamontes

Barbara de Regil crossed out the comments in bad taste from hate you received by the actress Gala Montes after the death of your pet Nala. The TV Azteca soap opera actress stressed that she does not know Montes personally and reflected on the content that abounds on Instagram, a social network where she has more followers.

The dimes and diretes between actresses occurred later upon the death of Nala, the Belgian shepherd of Bárbara de Regil. “Rosario Tijeras” was devastated in several stories of Instagram, to which Gala Montes commented that she only did it to attract attention and generate more followers.

I would never think of throwing him hate to nobody and less in such a sad moment. Find your excuses: ‘It was recorded crying’, each one. ´Would I not do it? ‘, Each one “, expressed Bárbara de Regil in an interview for the show program Windowing.

Similarly, he took advantage of the time in an interview to clarify his relationship with Gala Montes: “The truth is that she is not my friend. I don’t know her, she doesn’t know anything about my life”, Bárbara de Regil ruled.

During the conflict that occurred in the Instagram comment box, Gala Montes said Nala’s death had been fault of the carelessness of the actress Since she went to Los Angeles to record a project for more than 30 days: “Well, yes, I went to work for a month,” argued on this occasion the model fitness.

Barbara de Regil and Nala
The actress shared some photos with Nala after her death (Photo: Instagram/@nala.deregil)

“I left my dog ​​with my daughter. My daughter stayed at school here with my mom and my little dogs stayed with my mom. And she said: ‘No, he went to Los Angeles, he left her, he abandoned her,’ ”Bárbara de Regil postulated. “That heavy that you do not know anything about my life “he added.

The actress with an Instagram account of more than 8 million followers defended the free decision to upload any type of content. Similarly, who earned her popularity as “Rosario Tijeras”, launched a severe criticism about social networks and the content that is generated.

“Do you know what happens? People are used to seeing only pretty and pink on Instagram. And how people are: ´He was recorded crying, so I don’t believe him, he wants followers´, Why would I want followers, “analyzed the television celebrity.

The actress assured that she is more focused on her music and projects as an actress (Photo: Instagram @galamontes)
Gala Montes made her television debut in 2006. She is currently 21 years old (Photo: Instagram @galamontes)

Bárbara de Regil has been highly criticized on social networks. Not only by ordinary netizens, but also by celebrity celebrities. Meanwhile, the actor has tried not to join in more controversy.

On stories In recent years, Bárbara de Regil, a native of Mexico City, shared a reflection in text about her haters. “Everything that the other criticizes, judges or wants to change in me belongs to that person”, it was read in the first lines.

“If you criticize and judge a person a lot, the chances are that you criticize yourself a lot and judge yourself. If you repress things in yourself, it is very likely that you want to repress things in others, ”the writing continued.

Barbara de Regil and Nala
Barbara took Nala repeatedly to experts, but they were unable to save her life after being poisoned (Photo: screenshot / Instagram)

After confirming the death of Nala, Bárbara de Regil decided to share a series of postcards with her beloved pet. In this publication, where the actress devastated by the death is read, the sarcastic comments from Gala Montes. “Now buy another”, the young actress wrote coldly.

“I do not understand your comment. A puppy is not a piece of furniture that you change just like that”, Was the answer that was read before the acid comment of Montes. However, Gala did not stop at that intervention, but took her space on Instagram to comment more on the subject.

For Gala Montes, Bárbara de Regil just wanted to draw attention: “Are they not realizing that they are uploading everything because they want to make a fucking circus of everything? Anyway, that happens to me for walking around opening my mouth, I will not say anything again ”, Gala Montes spoke to her followers on Instagram in stories.