Basic guide to using the Google Assistant on cell phones, TVs and speakers

Google Assistant on a smartphone. (photo:

If you have received a device that has integrated Google assistant (Google Assistant), like Google Home and has never used it, Infobae brings you a starting guide so you can understand what it is and what you can do with this tool.

First, it is important to define what this Google function consists of and then, we will explain the key functions so that you learn how to apply it in daily life.

What is Google Assistant

Google Assistant, or Google Assistant, is a virtual assistant that works mainly by voice, You can ask him a question and he will give you the answer.

For example, if you want to know the city’s weather information such as weather, humidity, sunrise or sunset time, You can ask how the weather is there and you will immediately have an answer from Google Assistant.

Google Assistant.  (photo: El Rincón de <a class=China)” height=”900″ src=”” width=”1600″ />
Google Assistant. (photo: El Rincón de China)

The assistant can be used on various devices such as mobile phones with Android or those of Apple with the Google application.

Also, it integrates into other types of devices, from televisions until speakers connected, going through headphones and everyone connected to itinternet that have the attendee’s logo on the packaging.

Se will be used on all devices with the same voice command, even if some devices may have a screen and provide a visual display in addition to voice feedback.

Google Assistant.  (photo: Real Mi Central)
Google Assistant logo. (photo: Real Mi Central)

How you can use it

The Google Assistant allows you to do many things, such as give you a daily summary of your information with the hello command. In addition, you can request specific information, like the weather in your city, the results of your favorite team or the latest news in general, or on any topic you want, for example Infobae technology news.

Also, you can ask him to open applications that you have installed on your mobile phone or to call someone else; for this, you must say ´Call ‘with the name of the contact, as it is saved; Another option is to ask “where I am” to locate yourself on the map or, how to get to a city or place to show you the route on the map.

In the app Google Home can link your new devices to your Google account so that you can control them from the assistant. For example, you can link smart bulbs to control them from the assistant, either with the mobile or with a smart speaker. And even at the wheel it can also help you with your driving mode.

Smart bulbs.  (photo: Domoticada)
Smart bulbs. (photo: Domoticada)

Music will not be necessary, you can configure some applications streaming and ask the assistant to start playing a song you like, an artist or even a playlist you have saved.

The wizard will also give you data such as: toss a coin, dice, or pronounce a random number. And if you are a lover of humor, you will have jokes or funny songs at your fingertips.


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