“Bathrooms should be mixed; for men and women alike”: Carlos Ferro

In favor or oppossing. The latest opinion of soap opera actor Carlos Ferro divided comments on social networks, as there are those who support him and others who claim that he is wrong.

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The controversy broke out after at an event attended by the leading man, the media approached him and asked him if he agreed that men and women could enter the same bathroom equally.

With the kindness that characterizes him, he responded and his comment went viral.

“Well, there are three bathrooms; the one for men, for women and the mixed one. Nothing happens, let everyone decide which one to enter and if they want to go to the mixed one, because they are already aware that both men and women can enter.”Ferro assured the Mexican press.

The artist, 39, emphasized that the issue must be normalized. “Everyone goes to pee, or whatever they have to do in the bathroom, close the door and that’s it, nothing should happen”said the actor, who played an HIV carrier in the soap opera, Vencer la Culpa.

Carlos, in an interview with Televisa Espectáculos, confessed that he does not like to pick up women on dating apps, because he is not desperate to find a girlfriend.