Be amazed by Orizaba, a beautiful place in Veracruz

Architectural treasures sheltered under the mist.

It is located in the region of the Great Mountains, right where the mountain and the highest volcano in Mexico, Pico de Orizaba, meet. This means that the city is surrounded by impressive landscapes.

Orizaba was a small pre-Hispanic site and during colonial times, it was an obligatory step for all the trips that went from the coast to Mexico City along the Camino Real.

When walking through the streets of this beautiful Magical Town, almost always sheltered by the mist, you can see its stately buildings that speak of other times, as well as its monuments and its many bridges that have earned it the nickname of Our Lady of Bridges. .

It has a wide variety of cultural and natural attractions and a cheerful and cordial atmosphere.

If you want to know all the historical buildings of the city, be sure to use the Turibus whose route begins and ends in front of the Cathedral of San Miguel Arcángel. Its approximate duration time is one hour and fifteen minutes.

Activities and places:

• Alameda Francisco Gabilondo Soler Cri-Cri
• Metropolitan Auditorium
• Cerritos Market
• High Mountain Handicraft Market
• Iron Palace
• Municipal Palace of Orizaba
• Apolinar Castillo Park
• River Walk and Animal Reserve
• Bicentennial Square
• Bullring “La Concordia”