Be amazed by the Archaeological Museum of Campeche a beautiful place in Campeche

It is located in the Fort of San Miguel, where the soldiers’ rooms, warehouses, kitchen and powder magazine were formerly located. It is considered one of the best forts of the colonial era and dates from the 18th century.

It is the largest and most imposing of all the fortifications of the City. It was built by the Engineer Colonel Don Juan José de León y Zamorano, who was a lieutenant to the King of the town and port of San Francisco de Campeche.

This is an 18th century construction with a pentagonal plan that still has some old cannons.

The museum exhibits an interesting sample of the pre-Hispanic and colonial history of the State.

Among the most important pieces are: ceramic pieces that show the artistic level of the pre-Hispanic settlers and the stupendous collection of jade masks found in Calakmul, as well as notable Mayan stone sculptures.

In the rooms of colonial objects, furniture and scenes of daily life from that time are shown with objects for domestic use. Additionally, the museum has a collection of ships and weapons.

Resurgimiento Avenue and Scenic Highway, Campeche, Camp.