Be amazed with Papantla, a beautiful place in Veracruz

Possessor of the ancestral patrimony of the flyers.

Known as the “City that perfumes the world” it was founded at the beginning of the 12th century by Totonac groups, today it enjoys architectural homogeneity and harmony. It is famous for the Voladores de Papantla and for its production of vanilla.

The irregular layout of its streets flanked by its traditional tile-roofed houses project a calm air that is complemented by the beautiful landscapes of intense greenery, with mighty rivers (Cazones and Tecolutla).

Right in front of the Municipal Palace stands a large pole where one of the most emblematic rituals of the country is carried out, the Papantla flyers, which consists of five men performing a dance related to fertility and for this they wear specific clothing.

The main crop in the area is vanilla, so you can buy sweets and handicrafts derived from its pod.

Activities and places:

• Israel C. Tellez Park
• Church of Our Lady of the Assumption
• Chapel of Christ the King
• Teodoro Cano Museum
• Museum of the Masks
• El Tajin Archaeological Zone
• Enjoy a unique theme park
• Enjoy an ecological reserve
• Discover an eco park
• Be surprised by some amazing waterfalls