Beauty firms prefer them mature

Juicy Beauty 162

The beauty industry is increasingly open to including real women in its various campaigns. As part of this evolution, it is also observed that female maturity is captured and enhanced by beauty firms. Thus, celebrities such as Jane Fonda or Julianne Moore are just some of the exponents of this growing trend.

This year, new stars realize that paradigm shift; Linda Evangelista, Susan Sarandon and Gwyneth Paltrow are chosen to represent real female beauty where the focus is not so much on aesthetics as on their talent, profession and career.

The renowned actress presented her ecological makeup collection with the cosmetic firm Juice Beauty. Paltrow always championed the consumption of natural products and that is why he developed this line of 78 products.

Its ingredients are composed of aubergine, rose, pine resin, argan peel and pomegranate.

According to Brad Pitt’s ex, this awareness is very important because our body perceives the difference: “We absorb 60 to 80% of what we put on our skin.”

Moschino chooses the top model 50-year-old Linda Evangelista to star in one of her campaigns. It is about the photograph of her new perfume, called Fresh. The creative director who was in charge of its realization is neither more nor less than Jeremy Scott.

His idea is really disruptive, true to his style: he captured a luxury perfume in a container that simulates that of a multipurpose cleaning spray. The design perfectly evokes that mix between the massive and the exclusive. Its internal essence is original, feminine and refreshing thanks to its components; bergamot, mandarin, raspberry and notes of white peony with patchouli.

The world’s largest international beauty firm chose the award-winning actress and producer to represent their products: “When Cyril Chapuy, the president of L’Oréal Paris, approached me I was very flattered. The brand has always been a benchmark when it comes to contributing to the strengthening and development of women, “explained Sarandon.

“How you spend your energy is what definitely creates who you are. All L’Oréal ambassadors have their careers, they care about things beyond themselves, and many of them are raising their children. So they are all unique. modern women very well surrounded, thoughtful and present, “the actress told the online version of Vogue magazine.