Becky G’s boyfriend was accused in networks of being unfaithful

The soccer player Sebastian Lletget would have maintained a secret relationship after committing to the singer

It seems that the season of problems in love does not end in the world of celebrities, being now Becky G, who is in the midst of speculation about an alleged infidelity of her partner Sebastián Lletget.

Through various publications through Instagram, an anonymous woman launched accusations against the singer’s fiancé, assuring that she had a lot of evidence that on more than one occasion.

The account with the name @ ja29po tried to get closer to the singer through comments on her photographs, and also published videos, conversations and audios in which she left proof of the alleged betrayal of the soccer player.

In the style of the exposure they made with the infidelity towards Tammy Parra, the user, who is not available on the platform, assured that the player had had sexual relations with her, showing images where she assures they are together in a disco, in addition to conversations and even audios where he speaks.

In addition to this, the person maintains that he has more evidence to prove that what he is saying is true, including an intimate video with the footballer, although he sought out the singer so that she would ask him for this evidence directly.

The person who made the accusation revealed that he was not the only one with whom he has been unfaithful, while he affirms that everything happened in the month of February in Spain, during a 10-day stay that the fiancé of the cottage cheese maker and his team had in the country.

“You are not going to shut me up Sebastián Lletget”, the account pointed out, and so far neither Becky G nor her partner have spoken about this situation.