“Bed Rotting” goes viral on TikTok: this is the extreme rest trend

Returning to routine may be harder than usual. This is why the TikTok generation has discovered a technique on this social network to promote “self-care.” This is what is known as “bed rotting”, whose literal translation is “rotting in bed”.

This tendency consists of spending the entire day in bed and leaving it only to cover basic needs, such as going to the bathroom. Many users embrace this practice to escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

This technique opens the door to disconnect from studies, work and other daily tasks. Through short videos, users of the Chinese social network show how they spend their hours in bed, surrounded by blankets and cushions, and distracting their minds by watching series, taking a nap or entertaining themselves with their cell phone.

Like all trends, this one is not immune to controversy. Many users criticize that spending excessive time in bed doing activities unrelated to rest can have consequences on the quality of sleep. In addition, it is still a sedentary lifestyle, which can affect physical health and personal hygiene.

However, the most worrying thing about “bed rotting” is that it can be a symptom of depression. Avoiding daily activities can be indicative of a lack of motivation and energy, common signs of people struggling with this mental health disorder.

Experts warn that bed rotting would not alleviate mental health problems, quite the opposite. However, supporters of this technique argue that, with some moderation and combined with other self-care techniques, it can reduce anxiety and stress.