Before watching the Gloria Trevi bioseries, don’t miss these movies about her life

“Gloria” is the last film that talks about the Monterrey singer; It came out in 2014.


The announcement of an upcoming bioseries of Gloria Trevi, made in collaboration with the singer, surprised thousands in Mexico because the artist from Monterrey, over the years, has avoided commenting on her relationship with Sergio Andrade and the accusation against her for the crimes of corruption of minors, kidnapping and rape; however, The expectations of this new work produced by Carla Estrada are high, and more than one person awaits this work with curiosity.

Despite the fact that Gloria Trevi has decided to keep silent about the episode in her life that marked her definitively, they do exist films that They reproduce part of the singer’s story and her problems with the law, although without her authorization.

If the life of Gloria Trevi interests you, and you are waiting for the bioseries to premiere, you can Go watching these tapes that will surely put you in context about what you will see in the new productionwhich does have the authorization of the Monterrey.

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  • “WELCOME TO THE CLAN” (2000)


DISTRIBUTION: Isaura Espinoza, Odysseus Bichir, Dulce Maria

In the year 2000, shortly after the authorities’ investigations into the case began, the film “Welcome to the clan” was released, directed by Carlos Franco. The title is a clear reference to how the media presented the case (“the Trevi-Andrade Clan”). Currently, the film has been criticized for its biased portrayal of events.

the controversial film is starred by a then very young Dulce María, who plays “Aleshaí”, a young woman with family problems who escapes from her reality by listening to the music of Gloria Trevi until she has the opportunity to audition for the singer’s music producer. She will soon become one of her victims by being abused by her.

In a subsequent interview, producer Rodolfo de Anda stressed that It was not intended to tell the story of Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade, but to reflect a social problem.

  • “GLORY” (2014)

WHERE TO SEE IT: Netflix or HBO Max

DISTRIBUTION: Sofia Espinosa, Marco Pérez, Tatiana del Real, Osvaldo Ríos, Ximena Romo, Estefanía Villarreal

Fourteen years after “Welcome to the clan”, “Glory”, a film that, although at first it had the support of Trevi, later the same singer would withdraw her approval by not agreeing with the story and her treatment.

The film, directed by Swiss filmmaker Christian Keller, sí details the life of Gloria Trevi, Sergio Andrade and, of course, María Raquenel Portillo and other young women who were part of the “clan”, which was initially run as an artistic training academy.

In this film, the actress Sofía Espinosa gave life to Gloria Trevi, in a praised performance; Sergio Andrade was played by Marce Pérez and “Mary Boquitas” was played by Tatiana del Real.