Belinda boasts her vacations next to Jared Leto

After the scandals in which she was involved for his media break with Christian Nodal, the recording of the second season of “Welcome to Eden” and his multiple work commitments in Spain; the singerand Belinda He decided to make a space in his agenda and enjoy a few days off by the sea.
However, what really caught the attention of his fans it is that she is not alone; On these vacations she is accompanied by several friends, including the actor of Hollywood and Oscar winner, Jared Leto.

It was Beli herself who boasted, in her official Instagram account, the moments what has happened next to Leto and that include a boat ride and climbing some hills.

“Summer 22, unrepeatable”, was the phrase with which he recounted his dream days, in addition to sharing a photograph in which it appears the protagonist of “Morbius” wearing a Mexican hat and a video in which he teaches her to speak Spanish.

The reactions of his fans have not been long in coming and not only have they showered her with compliments for her incredible and daring looks, they also congratulate her for having to one of the most desired movie stars: “I pray to you, idol!”, “Beli, winning as always”, “With Jared Leto… I can’t believe it”, “Take care of him for me”, “In another universe I want to be you”, “I envy you”, These are just some of the comments that can be read.

Beli and Jared more than a friendship?

After sharing that they spent several days together, the suspicions that between both famous could exist something more than a friendship have started to gain strength but so far nothing is confirmed.

This is not the first time that they have been romantically linked, in 2020 the singer joined a broadcast live than the vocalist of 30 seconds to Mars was doing for his fans.

Shortly after, Beli confessed that for more than of eight years who know each other and that some of their projects are often shared and life plans.

A few months ago, and after speculation about the tattoos that ex-partners usually get in their honor, Leto revealed that he would have no problem getting something done. with the name of Belinda And till He declared that he has great admiration for him.