Belinda could dedicate her next song to Cristian Nodal: this curious track is the proof

Belinda is about to release her new single.


Belinda At the beginning of November, she announced the release of a new album and issued a warning: “All the songs have a dedication,” something that she is apparently willing to fulfill with her first single, which would be made for Christian Nodal.

“When you listen to them, you will realize who each song is for,” Belinda told her fans in it Cachanilla Fest. As expected, many Internet users began to get excited about the theory that at least one of the songs will have darts for Christian Nodal, ex-partner of the singer.

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Apparently, this possibility is about to become a reality, or at least that is what u have pointed out.a little clue that Belinda has been responsible for leaving on his X account (formerly Twitter): a simple emoji.

What do Belinda’s recent emojis have to do with the single that is supposedly dedicated to Cristian Nodal? This is all we know.


It was during his announcement after his participation in the Cachanilla Fest that Belinda announced that her new song would be released this month: “The first single is going to be released at the end of January; “So almost, I’m very excited,” he said on that occasion.

Everything indicates that Belinda’s first single will come with a special dedication to Christian Nodal, This is because the singer, who has been very active in X, made some very revealing publications:

For example, Belinda has begun to accompany several of your posts with several cactus emojisand even published a photograph of this desert plant with the following message: “This year this is my Christmas tree.”

The presence of the cacti in Belinda’s post aroused a real furor among her followers, since It is important to remember that the cactus is one of Cristian Nodal’s favorite plants, at the point of using it during Outlaw Tour on several occasions. In a matter of days, we will see If these emojis were a real advertisement or just a joke from Belinda.