Belinda excites her fans: she will release new songs and they will be a return to her roots

Belinda, who is one of the most beloved singers in Mexico, has excited her fans, as she announced that she will soon release new songs; She assured that they will be innovative and that they will be a return to her past. She constantly gives something to talk about about her love life, but now her focus is on her new creations, which do not yet have a release date but her fans are eager to hear them.

Belinda is not simply a performer; She is also an actress, businesswoman and even a fashion designer. She has flirted with various musical genres, from teen pop to ballads and electronic music. This breadth not only showcases her range as an artist, but also allows her to connect with a diverse and ever-evolving audience.

Belinda, who is 34 years old, shared some details about her current recording project that has her quite excited. She revealed that she is about to present a new single and that she has already created four other pieces that predict something great.

However, what perhaps cements his legacy most significantly is the authenticity and vulnerability he often displays in his public life. Unlike many celebrities who maintain a calculated distance from her followers, Belinda opens up, appears human, sharing both her triumphs and her personal challenges. This emotional accessibility creates an almost palpable bond with her fan base.

And “Beli” had not released new music for several years and it was only last August that he announced that he had a new record label and a lot of commotion was created, because there was even speculation that he could do a collaboration with Bizarrap, but that will only be a matter of time .

However, his fans will be able to hear his work in “Trolls 3”, which premieres on October 26 and his acting ability can also be seen in “Welcome to Eden”, a popular series on Netflix.