Belinda hit a fan in the middle of the concert: what did she say after the incident?

Belinda apologized to her fan for hitting him with the ball.

(TikTok @labbarbros)

The spectator’s cell phone flew after the incident, but Belinda’s words completely comforted him.

Belinda has taken the spotlight on TikTok after a fan shared the moment when, during one of his concerts, the singer threw a ball in his face, causing his cell phone to fly. The reaction of the ex Christian Nodal it delighted the fans.

“Belinda can do whatever she wants with me.”


The clip, posted by the user @labbarbros, has garnered over half a million views so far. In the sequence, you can see how the viewer was in the front row of one of his shows recent, surrounded by balls and dancers everywhere.

In a gesture, the interpreter of ‘Boba chica nice’ hit the ball with his hand to throw it to the public, but this one went straight to the fan’s face. Moments later, the follower is seen returning to the show and Belinda makes fun of the incident; Then, she asks him if she’s okay, while continuing to sing.

“Belinda hit me, throws my cell phone,” the fan wrote in the video, and in the title of the post he added: “When you have Belinda in front of you and she hits you with a ball”.


When you have Belinda in front of you and she hits you with a ball 🏀 #belinda #concert #belindatok #belindapop #viral #diversion

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Fans applaud Belinda for her reaction

Users who saw the video on TikTok were quick to share their opinions. Many celebrated Belinda’s reaction after committing the accidentand others took advantage of the moment to joke about the situation.


Belinda starred in a fun moment with a fan in the middle of the concert.

(Instagram @belindapop)

Some comments were: “Belinda once hit me in the face and it was great” (referring to ‘Mean Girls’), “Belinda was so pretty that she apologized”, “Belinda’s blessing is your turn”, and “Belinda can do “Whatever I want with me and if he throws his cell phone at me I won’t send it to be fixed anymore, I’ll leave it with his mark.”

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It is not the first time that Belinda has been involved in this type of situation with her fans during her concerts. On one occasion, a fan came up on stage and she offered him a drink to calm him down. At another time, He approached the front row to interact with a fan who was allegedly drunk. “Beautiful, you’re pretty, right? (…) Thanks beautiful. “Will you remember tomorrow?” she said.