Belinda proclaims herself the patron saint of the “fucked up”… What men are you referring to?

Belinda has shown once again that, even in the worst moments, she continues to win as always. In her last concert in Mexico, the singer proclaimed herself the “patron saint of buggers” and launched a prayer for love ties and miracles.

After moving to Spain where he has several projects, last Tuesday he performed at the October parties at the Benito Juárez Auditorium in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Where he showed that everything they say about her takes it with humor.

After her breakup with Christian Nodal in February of this year, Belinda has faced criticism and questions about her ex-partners, who have tattooed her name or her face in her honor. In addition to the Mexican regional singer, so have Criss Angel and Lupillo Rivera.

To ignite the controversy even more, Belinda projected on the screens of her concert, the prayer that they must pray to her as the patron saint of love. At the same time, a man’s voice was reciting it. Here the full text, in case you want to put it into practice.

“Santa Belinda de los amores, patron saint of buggers, queen of moorings and of the enchanted toad, I ask you to perform a miracle for me so that they can also bugger me and have my name tattooed. Amen”, was heard in the Benito Juárez Auditorium.

In addition, videos of the moment circulate on social networks and the same singer shared the stories that her followers published on Instagram, where many recognize her as Santa Belinda, and reminds her that she returned to Mexico “winning as always.”

But not everything stopped there, in addition to performing his hits, from “El sapito”, “Ni Freud ni tu madre” and “Luz singravida”, he also performed “Lies, bastard”, the song he released after breaking his commitment to Nodal and , as it is said, in response to the song “We are not nor will we be” by the sonorense.

“I want to present this song that I composed a long time ago and that I had never released and that I really like. It is for all the bastards that I am sure many know, ”he said before interpreting it. “I know that many and many will dedicate it.”

Minutes later, he sang “Sorry”, a song with which he was moved to tears, and apologized to the public, saying that it was a song that brought back many memories.

This is the first presentation of her tour ‘Libertad: Báilala Tour’, and to start off on the right foot, Belinda received several personalized stuffed animals from Dr. Simi, some with the look she used in her video clips “Boba Niña Nice” and “Ángel” , and another characterized as Silvana, from Cómplices al rescue.

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