Belinda reacts when asked about the pregnancy of Nodal’s girlfriend

The singer could not avoid being questioned by reporters about the baby that her ex will have with the rapper.

Christian Nodal and his girlfriend are happy after reporting the upcoming arrival of their baby, but who seems not to be very happy is the singer’s ex who was not spared from being questioned by the media about this news.

Belinda appeared on Sunday, April 23 in Hermosillo, Sonora, and when she met the reporters, she had to face questions about the paternity of her ex-boyfriend.

“A baby is a great blessing, I do want to ask them, and I take advantage of this camera to say, don’t ask me about past issues anymore,” he said before the cameras.

The interpreter confessed that it is not pleasant that they keep asking her about issues from the past and more so now when Nodal is about to start a new stage as a father.

“The truth is very annoying because life happens, everyone has their life and out of respect for the new family, I think I don’t have to talk about anyone, I always wish everyone the best.”

Belinda ended the interview by noting that “a baby is a blessing, it is a joy”, and she wished the best for the couple who will soon receive the stork.