Belinda receives a Valentine’s Day gift from an ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal

Estibaliz Badiola was the one who sent her a beautiful gift for the month of love and friendship.

Although they have been separated for a year now, Belinda and Nodal are still a media topic; even more than before their breakup.
On this occasion, the singer’s ex sent a strange and peculiar gift to the interpreter for the Day of Love and Friendship; which surprised her followers.

For Valentine’s Day, the singer of “Sapito” was expected to receive several gifts, especially from her new lover, businessman Gonzalo Hevia Bailléres.

What surprised everyone was that she received a mysterious gift from the ex-girlfriend of her fiancé for a few months, so the blonde decided to make it public on her social networks.

In her Instagram stories, Belinda shared a gift that came to her from Estibaliz Badiola who, like her, is Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend, but who currently enjoys a stable relationship with the singer Adriel Favela.

The former judge of La Voz México received a huge bouquet of red roses along with a card that read: “Beli, you have become a very special friend to me. Thanks for your friendship! I love you.”

Beli appreciated the detail she had, showing that the rumors of rivalry between them are not true and that they have a great friendship.
“The most detailed girl I know!!! Thank you @estibalizoficial I love you ”, wrote Belinda in her stories.