Belinda suffered a brutal altercation with a fan during a live show

The pop singer appeared at the Irapuato 2023 Strawberry Fair and sang for more than 2,000 people, although her security team failed to protect her from the fan

Belinda’s name became a national trend after viral videos on social networks showed the moment in which a fan jumped the security fence that separated her from more than 2,000 people for whom she sang at the Irapuato Strawberry Fair 2023, causing him great anguish and physical discomfort.

The popular pop singer was presenting her greatest musical successes with a red latex look, which she accompanied with dazzling silver boots that had her personalized name.

However, the fan, of whom more personal information is unknown, outwitted the extensive security team he had, taking her by surprise and causing her a great scare that her face and she herself confirmed on her Instagram account.

The follower tried to hug her, while members of the team almost immediately began to pull him away with great force. Something for which the actress also took more care, who asked that they release him so that she could calm him down and thus get rid of him in a much more peaceful way and that he will not continue to put her integrity, his or the others at risk. guards.

However, Belinda issued a few words to her follower, after the security team managed to get him off the stage: “Give him this, please, very carefully. Be careful, what’s more, stay there and drink that, breathe because it almost gave you something. You scared me! I love you too, ”expressed the singer before reliving her classic joke“ Are you fart beautiful? ”.

Although the actress continued with her presentation without any complications, she made some other jokes and even did not stop smiling, through her social networks she spoke about what happened, assuring that she felt physical discomfort of great impact and that she was scared by what happened.

“At today’s concert, a person got on stage, almost threw me and hurt me, in addition to the scare it gave me. My back hurts a lot, ”the singer shared on her insta stories, adding some emojis that allude to sadness and prayers.