Belinda: this will be her show in Metepec 2023 and this is what the tickets cost

Belinda will be presented by first time in Metepec. This time it will in the Lux, a nightclub which functions as a nightclub, located in the plaza from the city. The private event was organized within the framework of the Valentine’s Day and promises to create an enabling environment for couples, singles, friends or for anyone looking celebrate love.

The actress from “Welcome to Eden” will unfold its charms on February 17. Bebeautiful you have everything ready for the meeting with their followers and even the promotions of the event were already circulated. You are expected to review with the best themes of his career as a singer. Tickets? They are already on sale and here are the details.

How much do tickets cost to see Belinda in Metepec

Access to the show Belinda in the luxury is planned for 9:30 p.m. On the disco page there are all the details. Tickets are purchased through from the same website and must be reserved in advance. They have a recovery cost 600 pesos per person approximately.

If you are going to be accompanied to see Belinda in Metepec there are some promotions depending on the quantity of members of your group. Thus, for example, the reservation of a table For 6 people has a value of 3000 pesos. You must take into account that in addition from the purchase of the ticket you will have to pay some bills more in consumption.

buy tickets for a table out of 10 in the show of Belinda has a value of 7000 pesos if you book the “Black”. Now if you prefer to sit in a “Gold” the cost is 8500 pesos. as long as a “Diamond” for the same number of attendees It comes out 12000 pesos.

from the organization of the Lux, explained that there is an established minimum of consumption in addition to the payment of the general ticket to enter the show Belinda. Reservations can also be made on the social networks of the nightclub.