Bellakath is getting his own Netflix series! This is known about the production

Bellakath will release new music in 2024.

(Instagram @labellakath)

Flow Fest was only the beginning of Bellakath’s successful career; she will now tell her life in a series.

Singer Bellakath The year 2024 started with pure surprises. Recently, announced that he will release a new song called ‘Mami Chakalosa’after the good reception of ‘Reggaeton Champagne’ next to Dani Flow. But that’s not all, Katherine Huerta is also producing her own biographical series with the help of Netflix.

Through their stories in instagramthe interpreter of ‘Kitten’ shared the exciting news with his millions of fans. As he revealed, The series will explore key and little-known aspects of his life before fameeven before his participation in ‘Falling in love’.

“A story that I will later tell you in my Netflix series. I’m telling you this because I’m going to release my Netflix series. It’s going to be very per**, my whole life, everything I’ve had to go through to be here, because no one gave it to me.”Bellakath highlighted.


Bellakath appreciated the success he had in 2023, but warned that he is going for more in 2024.

(Instagram @labellakath)

So far, that’s all we know about the Bellakath series. Thus, We also do not know when production will begin or the release date. Netflix, the platform streaming best known in the world, has not yet commented on the matter, generating uncertainty in the air.

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What is certain is that, if this production comes to fruition, the more than 2 million fans who support the Mexican singer will not disappoint her. Meanwhile, Bellakath is basking in her fame with the success of his song ‘Reggaeton Champagne’, which has accumulated more than 106 million views on YouTube.

Regarding ‘Mami Chakalosa’, however, it is known that it will be a duet with the reggaeton player Yeyo and will be released at the end of this month. The singer herself shared a preview on her social networks. You can give it a listen below!

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