Bellas de noche: Carmen Salinas and Rossy Mendoza, from ficheras cinema to be admitted to the same hospital

Both figures have stood out on the national scene for decades Photos: Instagram @ carmensalinas_56 / @rossymendozavedette

Two emblematic figures of Mexican comedy cinema and the country’s nightlife they are now far from the canopies and cabaret stages, then Carmen Salinas and Rossy Mendoza They “keep company” in a hospital in Mexico City, each one for their respective condition.

Salinas, who suffered a brain hemorrhage in the stem area on November 11, is admitted to the intensive care area, connected to an artificial respirator and in a natural coma. The news shocked the public and the entertainment industry, but especially their relatives, who remain vigilant and do not lose hope that Carmelite progressively improve and wake up.

The actress with a long legacy in film, theater and soap operas, he began his career very young, and currently on his curriculum he has more than 50 films and countless soap operas. Before becoming a legend of the ficheras genre, Carmen Salinas began performing humorous and imitation shows in different venues, such as El teatro blanquita, in Mexico City, where she imitated internationally famous artists such as Celia Cruz or Irma Serrano. The tigress.

Carmen Salinas placeholder image
Carmen Salinas began her career as a singer in the emblematic XEW station, over time she developed her skills of imitation and comedy (Photo: Instagram / @ carmensalinas_56)

For its part, the contemporary of the famous Cork, Rossy Mendoza, was admitted to the StarMédica hospital in the Roma neighborhood on the same days because he suffered a pulmonary thrombosis. The starlet and figure of the sexy-comedies suffered this event derived from the systemic Lupus Erythematosus that he has suffered for four decades. The news was barely released on Monday 15 when her daughter reported the situation to the media.

The condition of the 71-year-old born in Nayarit is stable, but she will continue to be observed and treated in the hospital, and it is likely that she will leave this weekend or next week.

The health of both artists has worried the public, who has seen them join forces in some film projects and shows. Salinas and Mendoza are part of the era of the so-called ficheras cinema, which years later led to the so-called Mexican erotic comedy, where various female figures such as Wanda Seoux, Lyn May, Olga Breeskin, La princesa Yamal, Angélica Chaín, Isela Vega also stood out. , Grace Renat, Gloriella, among many others.

Rossy Mendoza
The veteran dancer has a career in the cabarets and in the Mexican sexy-comedy cinema Photo: Instagram

But it was the tape Beautiful at night, from 1975, a watershed in the career of Carmen Salinas with the role of The cork, for which he gained greater projection and repeated shortly after in The Pulquería. On the tape Carmen played a nice neighborhood woman with alcoholism, colloquially a “drunk”, who tried all the time to sneak into the local cabaret.

Beautiful at night It is considered the pioneer in the genre of ficheras or sexy Mexican mischievous comedy. The cast was completed by Sasha Montenegro, Raúl Flat Padilla, Jorge Rivero, Rafael Inclán, Mabel Luna, Leticia Perdigón, Francis and Lalo The mime, among other actors.

Movie - Beauties of Night
Bellas de noche (1975) is considered the pioneer of the ficheras genre

The peculiar nickname of The cork It derives from the fact that “when it is not attached to the bottle, it is attached to the floor.”

“Look, my name is Carmen Salinas. The cork It is a character that I did in a movie. There are many colleagues who remain in the character that once made them famous, “he said about it. Carmelite for Los Angeles Times in 2019.

“La Corcholata”, unforgettable character of Carmen Salinas. (Photo: Broadcast)

Rossy Mendoza, for whom the remembered Dámaso Pérez Prado composed the song Rossy’s waist In honor of her slim figure, she also began her first performances as Carmen, in theaters such as El Líricos and the emblematic Blanquita Theater, to jump to El Capri and other famous nightclubs in the capital.

With a career in film and television, where he also starred with family comedy figures such as Tin Tan, Manuel Crazy Valdes, Capulina, The multivocals, Rossy participated in 2016 in the award-winning documentary Beautiful at night, named after the 1975 film in reference to the moment it marked in Mexican cinema. The project directed by María José Cuevas, daughter of the remembered painter José Luis Cuevas, makes an update on Mendoza’s life and explores his career, personal life and reflections, and those of other figures of the time: Lyn May, Wanda Seux, Olga Breeskin and Princess Yamal.

Beautiful at night
Wanda Seux, Princess Yamal, Olga Breeskin, Rossy Mendoza and Lyn May are part of the documentary ” Bellas de noche ” Photo: Archive

On Beautiful at night Rossy was vulnerable, longing for the golden years, but looking to the future. He also recalled the bad practices in cosmetic surgery of which he was a victim by Dr. Del Villar, and spoke of his interest in the topics of quantum physics and astrological theories: Evolving worlds is the name of the book that starlet wrote and has hoped to publish.