Benefits of ground coffee for plants

Coffee is a valuable element in gardening, because it helps the growth and good health of some species.

Little is said about the benefits that coffee offers in areas other than culinary. It is known as a diuretic, thanks to its chlorogenic acids and potassium salts; it stands out in personal care, through its inclusion in shampoos, serums, creams and other beauty products.

Deodorizing the house, coffee also shines, due to its ability to absorb odors.

Added to all these uses is the incorporation of the ground substance in the garden grounds. Dust acts as organic matter for the soil and helps plants thrive. It has nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium, usable micronutrients in acid soils.

Although further research is needed to support the effectiveness of coffee on plants, it is believed that it repels pests and cures fungi in ornamental species and in crops of cucumbers, spinach and tomatoes, for example.

However, the warning of an article published by Servicultura Urbana and Ecologización Urbana is pertinent, highlighting the counterproductiveness of this substance in specific horticultural plants that had a poor response to fertilization with dregs. Here are a few: