Benito Castro, famous Mexican actor and singer, dies at 77

Benito Castrofamous Mexican actor, died this Monday according to information provided by the actor’s nephew. According to the information provided to an informative medium the singer and composer “He fell down the stairs, broke his ribs and punctured his lung.”

The death of the famous actor and comedian It happened at his house according to information he shared with a news outlet. the actor’s daughter, Monica Castro. Data shared by Michel Castro Mazasnephew of Benito Castro, They report that the singer died this Monday afternoon September 11, 2023.

«Unfortunate and sad news, my uncle Benito Castro, the last remaining member of my great Castro family, has just passed away. we are once again in mourning and terribly dismayed May my dear and beloved uncle Benito Castro rest in the peace of God.

The information shared by his family mentions that the actor it did not fall on Televisa, as had been speculated. The accident in which she lost her life Benito Castro was before going to the television station: “It was at his house (the accident) and he died half an hour ago”, explained Castro’s daughter, Monica.

«He was leaving for Televisa and fell down the stairs of the house. She fell down the stairs, He was carrying a backpack and fell. He lost a lot of blood, but had broken ribs and a punctured lung. Everything got complicated if he arrived at the hospital but they couldn’t stabilize him, “He lost a lot of blood and the pressure went down,” Mónica, daughter of Benito Castro.

Who was Benito Castro?

Arturo Benito Castro Hernandezwas known artistically as Benito Castro was a Mexican singer, actor, composer and comedian. born on June 5, 1946 in Mexico City.

Benito Castro was considered a child extremely restless, since his family described him that way due to the constant risk situations due to pranks that occurred to him, they even called him ‘Naughty daniel’.

The fame of Benito Castro emerged in the late 1960sas a member of the musical group Castro Brotherswhich is integrated by several members of his family who also managed to make a name for themselves in the world of entertainment in Mexico.

During his years with the group, Benito worked as a guitarist and singer, but he stood out mainly for his comic interventions on stage, which made people laugh to the entire audience.

Later, Benito formed the duo musical ‘Benito and Kiko’, with his friend Kiko Campos, gaining great popularity in nightclubs throughout Mexico.