Benito Castro: This was what he told us a few days ago about death!

The death of Benito Castro surprised the public and his friends in the industry, since the artist was in perfect condition a few days ago when he participated in a press conference supporting the new talents of Mexican music.

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That day, August 23, he gave what would be his last interview to TVyNovelas and talked about the difficult moments he experienced when his son got sick at the beginning of the year, also telling how he saw life after that difficult episode.

“I understood that you have to thank God every day, morning, afternoon and night, it is essential to exist, you have to thank God from the moment you open your eyes and you are awake, The first thing you have to do is give thanks, if you like to pray, you pray and start your day. “I am religious, I believe in God, my mother instilled faith in me and it is unforgettable for me,” the actor told us.

We asked Benito how he had solved his financial problems, derived from the pandemic, and this is how he responded:

“Bless God, I continue to live with dignity from my work, the pandemic shook me a little because at that time I was not rich to withstand that blow, but I was a millionaire in affection and friends. I don’t stop working, I’ll get tired the day I have to stay at home and scratch my nose, that’s the day I’m going to get fed up, I’m going to get depressed and die, But as long as God blesses me as he does and continues to have me in optimal health conditions to be able to do everything I know how to do artistically, I will continue in the show.”

Benito Castro.  Photo: TVyNovelas Archive

Getting away from the media was not an option he had considered. “I don’t think about the word retirement, as I retired, the one who hires you by orders of disappearance (death), as long as I have breath I will be functioning and valid”he stressed on that occasion.