Best Free Diet & Nutrition Apps – Recipes, Tips & More

Applications to have a healthy eating plan. (photo: Interjoomla)

A few years ago it was unthinkable and today you can access tons of nutritional information right under your smartphone screen; Get key facts about your diet, healthy recipes or get more resources for healthier and more complete shopping.

If you are in search of apps free nutrition, in your app store there are many types, depending on your search, look for custom diet design options, cookbooks a la carte, change of habits, expert advice or even a calorie counter for your snacks.

It’s important pointing that no nutrition app can replace consulting a medical professional or nutritionist, especially if you want to lose weight or build muscle mass.

FITIA – Smart Nutrition

Fitia has a free version with a great and comfortable interface, ideal for counting calories, viewing each meal and calculating the macronutrients included in your recipes.

It has an extensive database of thousands of foods and offers 3 specific options designed to achieve your goals: lose body fat, gain muscle, or stay healthy.

Fitia.  (photo: Atopedegym)
Fitia. (photo: Atopedegym)

FatSecret- Calorie Counter

This popular online platform with apps for ios Y Android claims to have helped more than 35 million people lose weight. You can create a diet diary to keep track of what you eat, learn about a large collection of recipes, have weight charts, exercises, and nutritional information including brands and restaurants.

It also has a barcode reader for food, diet calendar, agenda or weight control.

Uses technology Image recognition software to record your meals and can send you reports and notifications to help you achieve your goals.

FatSecret - Calorie counter.  (photo:
FatSecret – Calorie counter. (photo:

MyRealFood: Recipes and Food

With MyRealFood you can explore nutritional reviews of products, supplement your diet with well-prepared foods and motivate yourself with the advice of others.

The app makes it easy to create recipe lists, access to over 20,000 dish ideas, calorie and macronutrient tracking, and favorite product storage for faster subscriptions.

MyRealFood: Recipes and food.  (photo: GizLogic)
MyRealFood: Recipes and food. (photo: GizLogic)


If you want to be inspired by the different recipes provided by other users, Cookpad will guide you in your kitchen.

The popular free home recipes app lets you browse its rich variety or filter by ingredients, seasonal dishes, and more.

His Community flair adds a twist: You can share photos of your creations, share your own ideas, connect with other chefs, and have a collection of your own culinary resources at your fingertips.

Cookpad.  (photo:
Cookpad. (photo:


With this app you can make a nutrition plan with free recipes, although it also has a paid version with nutritionist plans and tight monitoring.

Its totally free version includes tips for losing weight, more than a hundred recipes, exercise videos to burn calories and lose weight as you progress, a healthy routine guide and a shopping list each week.

Nootric.  (photo: ABC)
Nootric. (photo: ABC)


It is an application whose objective is “Eat healthy with what you have on hand.” This tool allows you to improvise well with whatever ingredient you have available in the refrigerator.

Enter the ingredients you have at home and get the app’s recommendations to make a simple recipe in 20 minutes or less. You can also search recipes by type of dish, customize your searches based on your dietary preferences and restrictions, or explore original ideas to reduce food waste.

Also, if you have opted to go vegetarian, vegan, or semi-vegetarian, this will be the perfect choice for you.

Noodle.  (photo: Vitónica)
Noodle. (photo: Vitónica)

8 Fit

8fit is a very useful nutrition and fitness app that requires no additional equipment and teaches you how to use your own body weight to increase strength, increase endurance, improve heart health, and lose weight.

On their website, they explain that this nutrition app’s workouts only last 5-20 minutes, while food has 80 results. You’ll find healthy recipes with no calories, filtered by diet, hundreds of exercises, health tests, and expert advice.

While there is a paid version with personalized diet and exercise plans, you can take advantage of its free version.

8 Fit.  (photo: 8 Fit)
8 Fit. (photo: 8 Fit)


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