Beware of scams on Instagram with these recommendations

Although Instagram or any social network is used to contact people and keep you informed, it also represents many dangers.

One of the most used applications worldwide is Instagram. It allows users not only to share photos and videos, but also to stay in touch with their favorite celebrities, send messages and stay informed of what is happening around the world.

However, the application hides many tricks that few people know about, and this can lead some scammers or hackers to take advantage of it and do their own thing.

Instagram has more than 1 million monthly active users. But these millions of users are not people, since the majority are “bots”.

These bots invade the platform with posts, stories and comments, and are even the main suspects when it comes to stealing user data.

“Instagram grew. By having more users, proportionally, there are more of these accounts that seek to defraud others, as happened on Facebook or Twitter before,” said a computer consultant.

What is a bot and what does it do?

A “bot”, short for robot, is a computer program that automatically, and repetitively, performs tasks similar to those performed by a human. Precisely, they pose as real accounts to get the attention of users, generally using sex.

These bots often pretend to be suggestive men or women who play with the desire of the other person.

This visual stimulus makes users reply to the bots a private message, which leads to a conversation, and therefore ends with the collection of personal data.

That is why cybercriminals use bots to steal personal data through links. They can infect devices and steal passwords and bank accounts or other social networks.