Beyond the story: the official book of the band BTS for its 10th anniversary

  • The book will tell the story of the iconic South Korean group that has stood out so much in recent years

At present, almost no one is surprised by the great relevance that K-pop is having in society, not only has their music reached the ears of the whole world, but beyond that they have entered the lives of their fans.

Such is the case of BTS, who in these 10 years have done nothing but achieve success, which positions them as one of the leading bands in the genre and the ones with the most fans.

Well now and as a gift for all the army (name given to BTS fans) the group will launch a book in which they review this great 10-year career.

Likewise, the group did not miss the opportunity to further excite their fans by launching an emotional trailer for the book, where we can see the band from its beginnings to the present day.

The book is not only a review of the successful career of the band, it also seeks to show us that other human side of the artist, through various interviews and statements it is how we delve deeper into the world of BTS.

The person in charge of writing all this together with the group is Myeongseok Kang, a famous music critic and former editor-in-chief of different media, who is recognized for writing about Korean pop culture.

The book will be on sale from July 9 and will cost approximately $45 according to platforms such as Amazon.