Biden assured that talks continue to rescue the hostages that Hamas still holds in Gaza

Biden assured that the talks for the rescue of the Israeli hostages in Gaza continue (EUROPA PRESS) (Europa Press/Contact/Kyle Mazza/)

He US president, Joe Bidenrecalled this Sunday that they are fulfilled hundred days since it began war between Israel and Hamasand assured that they continue working towards liberation of more than a hundred hostages from that terrorist group, including six Americans.

“On this terrible day, I reaffirm again my promise to all the hostages and their families: we are with you. We will never stop working to bring Americans home,” he emphasized. Biden it’s a statement. “I hope to keep a close contact with my counterparts in Qatar, Egypt and Israel to return all the hostages to their homes and families,” he said.

“During 100 days have existed fearing for their lives, not knowing what tomorrow will bring,” he said. Biden about the hostages.

In the same sense, the Secretary of state, Anthony Blinkenwho visited Israel this week to continue negotiating the release of the hostages.

“We continue working day and night to secure release of all the hostages,” he said Blinken to the families of the hostages.

America is with you and we will not rest until you are reunited with your loved ones,” he said in a statement.

Israel continues to wait for dozens of kidnapped people held by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip (EUROPA PRESS)
Israel continues to wait for dozens of kidnapped people held by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip (EUROPA PRESS) (Europa Press/Contact/Nir Alon/)

On the other hand, a bipartisan group of US senators announced that they plan to receive families of American and Israeli hostages in the Capitol in Washington next Wednesday.

months of war

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted that the Israeli military offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip “will last many more months.”

“We have to manage this war. It will last many more months. That is why we are presenting today a war budget“he said before the meeting of the Minister council which will discuss an amendment proposal for public spending in 2024.

The amendment thus provides for a significant increase in military spendingmeasures to favor reservists and their families and also professional soldiers, Netanyahu explained.

The Israeli president highlighted that in the 100 days that the conflict has lasted, they have managed to bring back half of the hostages. “We are not going to give up any of them. We are doing everything we can to bring everyone home. To all the world. No exceptions,” he added.

When fulfilled one hundred days since the attack Hamas of October 7, the Palestinian deaths from the Israeli offensive in Gaza are close to 24,000 and another 7,000 people remain under debris from destroyed buildingsaccording to the Government of Loopunder the control of Hamas.

(With information from EFE)