Biden supported Israel’s offensive against Hamas after verifying that Islamic Jihad bombed the hospital in Gaza

Joseph Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu whisper during their meeting in Tel Aviv to discuss Israel’s war plan against Hamas (EVELYN HOCKSTEIN/)

(Special envoy to Tel Aviv, Israel) Yesterday Joseph Biden addressed the Air Force One to fly overnight from Washington to Tel Aviv. He had to stop in Amman (Jordan) to meet his Arab allies and then land at Ben Gurion Airport to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu at the Kempinski Hotel, right across the Mediterranean Sea.

But Biden’s exhaustive crisis agenda was undone when a missile hit the Al-Ahli hospital, located in the Gaza Strip and under strict control of Hamas. The president of the United States assumed that this missile, whose initial damage was estimated at 500 deaths and hundreds of injuries, conditioned its geopolitical support for Israel and opened the door to a regional crisis that could end with a total war in the Middle East.

In the middle of the night flight, Biden discussed the matter with his Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and his National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, who requested their own information from the Pentagon and the CIA. Until that moment, Biden had already read that Hamas accused Israel, and that Netanyahu’s staff denied its responsibility in the massacre.

Very cautious, so as not to aggravate the situation in the Middle East, King Abdullah of Jordan had already canceled the summit he was going to host with Biden and the leaders of Egypt, Abdel Fatah. Al Sisi, and from the Palestinian Authority, Mahmud Abbas, in Amman. There was no longer any doubt that the White House I had to know those responsible of the mass murder at Al-Ahli hospital.

An injured child is rescued from Al-Ahli hospital, which was blown up by Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group that controls Iran
An injured child is rescued from Al-Ahli hospital, which was blown up by Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group that controls Iran (REUTERS TV/)

Before landing at Ben Gurion Airport, Biden had information from the Pentagon that the missile had been launched by Islamic Jihad, a terrorist organization that controls Iran. That key piece of information excluded Israel and allowed the President of the United States to unequivocally support Netanyahu and his plan to land in Gaza to exterminate Hamas.

During the private meeting, Biden presented Netanyahu with the classified data he had in his possession and his host provided secret information that had been obtained by the Israel Defense Force (IDF). At that moment, noon in Tel Aviv, the democratic leader He already had two pieces of evidence that showed the criminal responsibility of the Islamic Jihad and the fundamentalist regime in Tehran.

But the circle was completely closed when Tzahi Braverman, Netanyahu’s chief of staff, accessed an exclusive video from Israel’s Channel 12. That video was recorded by channel 12’s own camera, and demonstrates – without a doubt – that The Israeli state had nothing to do with the murder of the people who died in the Palestinian hospital controlled by Hamas.

Braverman showed the video to Netanyahu on a cell phone, and the Israeli premier brought the images to the intelligence staff working alongside Biden. Minutes later, the president noted publicly and reiterated privately that Israel was on the sidelines of the tragedy caused by Islamic Jihad in northern Gaza.

This is the video that Braverman showed Netanyahu and that a copy was given to the United States National Security Council. This evidence was key to ratifying Washington’s political support for Tel Aviv.

When Biden and Netanyahu finished addressing the war crime committed by Islamic Jihad, both heads of state advanced the plan to invade Gaza to exterminate the terrorist organization Hamas. Biden stated that before starting formal operations on the ground, the lives of all Palestinian refugees should be guaranteed who are trying to escape from the Strip. And Netanyahu agreed.

Now it has begun a silent negotiation with Egypt to open a humanitarian route to the north of Gaza, and Israel has committed to restoring water and electricity in the Strip to facilitate the evacuation of refugees. Netanyahu knows that Hamas keeps the water and limits electricity use by Palestinians trying to flee an inevitable war, but he stood by his word with Biden during their four hours together in Tel Aviv.

The slow evacuation process from the north to the south of Gaza benefits the defense strategy of the terrorist organization, while Hezbollah – another armed wing of Iran – continues to harass this country on the border with Lebanon. Since Biden arrived in Tel Aviv until he left for DC, Hezbollah launched 30 missiles at small Israeli towns which are located a few kilometers from Lebanon.

Security operation in Israel before the arrival of Joe Biden - Israel-Palestine conflict coverage
Relatives of Israeli civilians kidnapped by Hamas stood to protest their deliberation in front of the Kempinski Hotel in Tel Aviv, the scene of the summit between Biden and Netanyahu (Lihue Althabe/)

The possible date of Israel’s all-out war against Hamas is a state secret. But there is a future piece of information that may reveal that the invasion of Gaza is imminent: when Biden and Netanyahu announce that the humanitarian evacuation in the Strip has concluded.

In this precise moment, The Middle East will be the center of the planet.