Bill Cosby sexual assault case begins in California

The alleged sexual assault to a teenage girl nearly five decades ago puts disgraced comedian back in the spotlight Bill Cosbywho should face this Monday the beginning of a civil process in California.

Judy Huth states that Cosby attacked her at the Playboy mansion mid from the 1970s, when she was just 15 years old.

Huth says that as a result of this episode he suffered “psychological damage and mental anguish”. He maintains that he met Cosby on a set of movies and that days later she was invited to their tennis club.

There, Huth claims, Cosby gave her alcohol and took her to the playboy mansionwhere the forced to have sex.

The actor denies the accusations. of this case that begins on Monday in Santa Monica with jury selection, while the presentation of arguments is scheduled for next week.

It is the latest in a series of legal actions against Cosby, 84, who decades ago He was one of the most famous actors on television. for his fatherly role in the series “The Bill Cosby Show”.

Several women claim to have been victims of sexual assault by Cosby.

Huth’s case was filed in 2014, but was on hiatus while the actor faced other charges for indecent assault in Pennsylvania.

The comedian was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman 17 years agobut he got out of jail after the state supreme court decided that he had been denied a fair trial.

Sentenced to a sentence that was from three to ten years, Cosby was little more two years in prison. His release infuriated #MeToo activists, a movement that targeted sexual assaults in Hollywood.

The Comedian’s Doom marked a milestone by being the first guilty verdict against a celebrity for sexual assault since the global movement began against sexual violence and abuse of power.

The court’s decision was due to technical elements, and not to an exoneration.

The judges wrote that due to an agreement of non-prosecution between a former prosecutor and Cosby, signed for evidence presented for a civil casethe actor should not have been criminally charged.