Blackpink renews contract with its representative despite breakup rumors: the key terms of the agreement

Blackpink had ended their contract with YG Entertainment in August this year.

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The “Blinks” can breathe, Blackpink has renewed for many more years and there will be more music.

blackpink, one of the groups of K-Pop today, has made official the renewal of his contract with his representative agency, YG Entertainmentthus dispelling the prolonged uncertainties about a possible separation of the quartet composed of Jisoo, Lisa, Rose and Jenny. The news has been received with emotion by fans, who They were eagerly awaiting the announcement that brings with it exciting surprises.

The “Yonhap” news agency, based in South Korea, was one of the first to confirm the agreement between the artists and the company. According to reports, YG has sealed the renewal of the contract with the four members to carry out various group activities and continue the extraordinary success they have experienced since their debut in 2016.

It’s important pointing that Blackpink was on the verge of breaking up as their contracts with the agency expired in August this year.and a month later they concluded their “Born Pink” world tour, which included a stop in Mexico in April.

Will Blackpink give a new concert tour?

Blackpink recently finished their world concert tour.jpg

Blackpink performed at the Foro Sol in CDMX in April of this year.

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Blackpink has not yet officially confirmed an upcoming concert touralthough reports suggest that the band will release new music in the coming months and will carry out a tour in support of this new project to “make it up to his fans.”

This new contract is considered one of the most lucrative signed by a musical group in 2023, according to the British portal “BBC”. Although the specific duration of this agreement has not been revealed, It is common for agencies to sign contracts for at least 7 years.

Fans react with emotion to Blackpink’s renewal

Fans reacted with excitement to the news of Blackpink’s renewalexpressing their relief and excitement on social media.

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Comments like “Blackpink renewed, Jennie happier than ever. Now for 2024 give me JNK1 with 8 songs, fair promo in Korea and the West, quality merch and a solo mini tour. Amen”, “Day 1 knowing that Blackpink renewed” and “How nice to wake up and know that Blackpink will be together for many more years” were some of the most notable messages.