BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Makes History With Her Solo Debut, Surpasses Her Own Group In Pre-Sales

Jisoo’s solo pre-sale has started and it already gave BLACKPINK idol her first individual records

BLINK is giving Jisoo her first pre-sale achievement, as the BLACKPINK idol’s solo has sold a large number of copies in record time.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular K-Pop groups today and these idols not only stand out together, but also individually.

The first member of BP to debut as a soloist was Jennie who surprised us with ‘Solo’. After her, Rosé released ‘On The Ground’ giving her fans her own music to enjoy; The third idol from this girl group to perform music individually was Lisa with ‘Lalisa’ which is still imminently successful.

Finally, and after years of waiting, the official social media pages of BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment, and Jisoo revealed that the beautiful singer would release her new album on March 31.

Everything seems to indicate that Jisoo’s solo is the most anticipated by BLINK (as the BLACKPINK fandom is called), because in 24 hours the singer broke the record that her own group had in terms of the sale of pre-orders for an album. with a total of 159 thousand 846 albums sold in the history of KTOWN4U.

Months ago, with the album ‘BORN PINK’, the band set the record of 142,000 pre-ordered albums in just one day, but just 8 hours after the pre-order for Jisoo’s album began, it broke that position, reaching little more than 142,000 pre-orders, and by 24 hours it already had almost 160,000 albums sold.