BLACKPINK’s Jisoo will finally be making her solo debut

Little is known about the concept that the singer will handle in her solo career

BLACKPINK is currently the most popular female group in South Korea, and is made up of four members: Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo.

This debut was something that fans of the group, who go by the name BLINKS, had been asking for a lot, as they consider Jisoo to be the least favored member of the agency.

However, YG Entertainment itself sent a statement saying that Jisoo would already be filming the music video for her first solo single, and that it will most likely be released soon.

Some bet that her musical style would be similar to Rosé’s, since she has a very good voice, so she could debut with a cute ballad or a song that demonstrates her vocal ability.

However, the reality is that little is known about Jisoo’s solo debut, since the company is making sure to handle everything in strict secrecy, to surprise their fans.

“The music video for Jisoo’s solo song is being filmed at various locations abroad in strict secrecy. It is worth mentioning that the production cost is the highest of all BLACKPINK videos to date,” revealed YG Entertainment on February 21.