Blinken will meet with Xi Jinping in the first visit to China by a member of the Biden Government

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks during a news conference at the Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem on January 31, 2023. Ronaldo Schemidt/Pool via REUTERS (POOL/)

the president of china, Xi Jinpingwill meet next week with the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenduring the latter’s visit to the Asian giant to strengthen relations with the country, as reported by the newspaper Financial Times.

Blinken will become like this the first US secretary of state to meet the Chinese president in almost six years and the first member of the President’s Cabinet, Joe Biden, to visit China.

Sources close to the matter revealed that the visit comes after Xi and Biden agreed during a meeting in Bali on the need to find a way to stabilize the relationship between the two countries.

Now, the visit of Blinken, who will also meet with his Chinese counterpart, qin gangrepresents a step forward in the commitment of the United States and China to improve their relationship, which has suffered a series of blows as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the trade crisis.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is also scheduled to visit China later this year.

Xi Jinping at Imperial College London in 2015
Xi Jinping, President of China. (Photo by Toby Melville – WPA Pool/Getty Images) (WPA Pool/)

On the subject of Taiwan, one of the most sensitive issues in relation to Washington and Beijing, last week it was learned that the main political strategist of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and spy chief for the Chinese regime, wang huningwas hired by Xi Jinping to draw up a new unification policy for Taiwanaccording to a party source quoted by a Japanese media.

According to an analysis published by Nikkei Asia, citing a CCP source, with Wang’s background in political theory, it is believed that Xi could announce a new Taiwan policy in the coming months. The measure would mean end of the era of “one country, two systems” defended by Beijing.

According to Nikkei Asiathe actions of the Communist Party in Hong Kong and the reaction of Taiwanese citizens turned the idea of ​​”one country, two systems” into a unsustainable political proposal. Now Xi and Wang will have to work together to strengthen relations between the two sides.

wang huningdespite not being well known outside of China, is widely regarded as the spy chief and chief propagandist for the CCP. He has been the China’s leading ideological theorist for three decades, and is now the 4th member of the seven-member Standing Committee, China’s most powerful body. He advised the previous leaders of China, jiang zemin Y Hu Jintaoand now advises Xi Jinping, being the author of many of its policies. In China it is called “guoshi” (国师: literally, “teacher of the nation”).

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