Boyfriends consume poison on their wedding day; young man died and the girlfriend is serious

  • What for many is the happiest day of life, for a couple in their 20s in India it was a tragic day.

Getting married is seen by many people as the consummation of love between a couple, a ceremony in the company of loved ones; however, this was not the case for a couple of young people in India, who consumed poison on the day of their union.

According to people close to the young men, the 21-year-old boyfriend was not sure about marrying his girl a year younger than him, because he preferred to take time to focus on his studies. However, he gave in to the pressure of the bride and accepted, but during the ceremony he took the initiative to end her life.

Attendees commented that the newlyweds argued strongly during the ceremony, after which the man took the initiative to get intoxicated.

After consuming the poison, the groom informed the bride during the ceremony and, as soon as she found out, she also drank it, the police in the town of Kanadia, in the city of Indore, where the event occurred, told EFE.

Deputy Deputy Police Inspector Manoj Hirbe indicated that “the couple had been in a relationship for seven years, and the young woman pressured the boy to get married but he didn’t want to.”

“Later, both parties reached an agreement and both were ready to get married. On Tuesday, the day of the wedding, the groom caught poison and drank it, when the bride found out, she also drank it,” she explained.
Doctors declared the man dead upon arrival at the hospital, while the condition of the 20-year-old woman is very serious and she is on life support.