Boyfriends get married in Mexicable… for love, he faced his fear of heights

The couple made up of Christian and Octavio went up to a Mexicable cabin in the Periférico station and the civil wedding took place there.

Couples choose all kinds of settings and ways to carry out their weddings, some stand out for their originality, that is the case of Christian Gamboa and Octavio López who decided to swear love in a booth on Line 2 of the Mexicable, in the State of Mexico.

The reason for such a strange wedding is because Octavio is afraid of heights, but out of love, one day he told his partner Christian, “I would marry you in the cable car”, and yes, the 36-year-old man complied.

The couple held their civil wedding in booth 399 at the Periférico station. Guests and witnesses arrived there, including Octavio Quiroz, director of the Mass Transportation and Cable Car System (Sitramytem).

The bride and groom got married on the way to the Periférico station, San Isidro, Dr Jorge Jiménez Cantú and back, in that period, the general director of the Civil Registry of the State of Mexico, César Enrique Sánchez Millán led the celebration.

After 20 minutes, the couple were formally united in marriage.

Friends, family and the little son of the couple They waited for them at the Periférico station where they were greeted with cheers and applause.

The Mexicable service was not interrupted.