Bravísimo, Alejandro Sanz on his visit to Mexico

The Spaniard was acclaimed by those attending the National Auditorium, on the night of Thursday, February 9; today he will offer his second concert

After nine years of absence, Alejandro Sanz offered a very emotional concert yesterday at the National Auditorium with which he made those present vibrate.

With two sold-out dates as part of his “Sanz en Vivo” tour, at the venue that has been performed 49 times, the artist made the ten thousand gathered souls dance and sing.

A special moment of the night was with the song “No es lo mismo”, since the Mexican public turned on lights the color of the national flag.

Sanz remembers his first time in Mexico, being the first place he played outside his country, saying:

“Love at first sight”.

He added that what he felt on his first visit, he still feels in his heart, I speak of how he remembers Mexico with his heart.

Alonso Arreola was one of the guests of the night, being a close friend of Sanz. Alonso is a talented bassist and they played the smash hit “Cuando nadie me ve” adding the talented María Elena Ríos, a saxophonist who made the venue vibrate.

“My friend” was one of the most dazzling moments of the night, since the venue came together to sing it at the top of their lungs.

Sanz thanked his staff, the musicians, his production team and the Mexican team for his new tour.

The singer-songwriter infected the public with “Corazón Partió” setting the spirits of the Auditorium on fire.

He said goodbye with “And if it was her? proving why he is one of the best Spanish composers and singers.

This February 10 he will continue with his tour on the second date of the National Auditorium.

Who will be part of Sanz live?