Brenda Zambrano, the ‘Acapulco Shore’ celebrity who sold cell phones before succeeding in reality

Brenda Zambrano became a television extra and even a cell phone saleswoman before fame.


“Acapulco Shore” has become one of MTV’s favorite reality shows. Throughout its 10 seasons, this program has become, above all, a hotbed of influencers. Figures like Manelyk González and Karime Pindter, “La Matrioshka”, They are a real success on social networks, although of course they have started businesses that are very popular.

Currently, you can enjoy all seasons of “Acapulco Shore” through the streaming platform Paramount+, or check out some of the best clips from the reality show on the MTVLA YouTube channel. And yes: there will be season 11! This confirmation has caused a sensation among the followers of “Acapulco Shore”, who hope to see the new members of the reality show.

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It is important to note that most of the personalities who achieved fame with “Acapulco Shore” they had to go through a long road and perform different jobs before they achieved fame. One of these cases is that of the influencer Brenda Zambrano, who before her popularity became a television extra and even a cell phone saleswoman.


Brenda Zambrano She was one of the members of the second season of “Acapulco Shore” and became popular in a matter of days due to her participation in the reality show. In an interview with Ryan Hoffman, better known as DeBryanShow, The famous told her beginnings and the jobs she came to perform.

The celebrity tHe had to work selling cell phones to be able to pay for his high school studies, although his salary was very low due to his mistakes.

“I sold cell phones and recharged phones (…) I recharged the phones and when I was wrong, because I’m stupid, they discounted me. Imagine when they paid my salary, 800 or less”, Brenda recalled in the talk.


Later, she managed to work in a government agency in Tamaulipas and won some beauty contests. she got to him the opportunity to work as an extra for television and, although some think that this should have encouraged her, the truth is that Brenda Zambrano did not have a very good time with that experience.

“I worked extra, that it was super heavy to win 800 pesos for up to more than eight hourss. They did go too far (…) It was when I said that I didn’t like it, I also wanted them to know me and that little thorn was born there,” Brenda declared.

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Finally, after making herself known little by little, Brenda Zambrano was chosen to participate in “Acapulco Shore”, the reality show that promoted her in every way, becoming a current celebrity to this day.