Britney Spears’ dangerous dance with knives that even alerted the Police

Britney clarified that they were not real knives, but that didn’t stop her fans from worrying.


Britney Spears she seems to be used to living in the midst of controversy; Now, a disturbing dance with sharp knives even alerted the Police, who went to see if the singer was okay.

The Britney Spears’ mental health has been, for many years, a cause for concern and, despite the fact that the singer hasIt became clear that the knives were fake.the truth is that he is currently going through difficult times, soAuthorities decided to pay him a brief visit to see if he was okay.

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Music seems to have been left behind in Britney Spears’ lifewho currently remains active in the world of entertainment thanks to a series of scandals that she has been involved in, being his controversial choreography with knives the most recent of them.


Through his Instagram account, Britney Spears He set off alarms by practicing a strange dance with sharp knives; In the recording, the singer’s appearance is noticeable. Furthermore, Britney had her pets around her during the disturbing choreography, which only increased her concern.

Because of this, Some members of the California Police went to the star’s house to check if he was okay.. And, although the officers were not received by the singer, but by her team, in the end they determined that Britney Spears was in optimal condition after this strange episode.


On the other hand, Britney Spears decided to use Instagram again to calm the spirits of her fans: “I started playing in the kitchen with knives! Don’t worry, they’re not real knives! Halloween is coming soon!” was what the star declared, even though the sharp objects did seem quite real.

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This was not enough, causing Britney to reveal the true reason for her dancing: “Be happy for the knife dance because I’m just copying Shakira!!!”, assured the singer. However, her concerns about her mental health continue, especially after her divorce from Sam Asghari.