Britney Spears is paying the rent on Sam Asghari’s luxurious new apartment

After the divorce between Britney Spears and San Ashgari came to light, there has been much speculation about whether the singer would have to pay thousands of dollars to support her ex, and although her lawyers assure that the fortune of the “Princess of Pop ” is protected, apparently she still has to fulfill certain whims of her still husband.

And it is that, according to TMZ, despite the fact that Sam Asghari packed his belongings and left Britney, that does not mean that he has to pay his own bill for his new home, which would be covered by the interpreter of “Toxic” .

Sources connected to the estranged couple say Britney is paying $10,000 a month for Sam’s new apartment in one of the higher-end apartment buildings in Los Angeles.

Sam and Britney had a messy breakup, so at first glance it seems surprising that she footed her housing bill.

According to the tabloid media, the singer’s legal team considered paying for Sam’s apartment, while the model’s lawyers continue to work to modify the prenuptial agreement and get the princess of pop to end up paying her ex a large sum. monetary.

Britney and Sam have come to an agreement about their dogs. Sam gets the Doberman, Porsha, and Britney gets her 4 remaining dogs, including Australian Shepherd, Sawyer, and new puppy, Snow.