Broadway theaters will stop requiring a mask from July 1

Millions of people annually go to the theaters on Broadway in New York (Barry Winiker /)

Broadway theaters continue to relax restrictions against covid-19 ahead of the high tourist season in New York and they will stop demanding the mask from the public as of July 1, their employer organization announced on Tuesday.

The Broadway League said in a brief statement that the owners and operators of 41 theaters in the center of the Big Apple they will make it optional for the audience to wear the maskalthough they will review their policy monthly to adapt to the pandemic situation.

League President Charlotte St. Martin noted that millions of people have flocked to Broadway and other theaters across the United States since theaters reopened late last year, and she hoped they would do so even more. in the new season 2022-2023.

Broadway theaters went back to raise the curtain after a long break in September 2021and until recently they have maintained strict health protocols with respect to other leisure establishments in the city.

Until the end of April, theaters in New York required to show proof of vaccination against covid-19and have continued to require attendees to wear masks except when eating or drinking.

The optional use of the mask on Broadway comes in parallel to the improvement of the pandemic situation in New Yorkwhich has lowered this Tuesday its alert for the community spread of the coronavirus from high to medium, and at the beginning of the summer, the most touristic time in the big city.

According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), new covid-19 infections in the United States registered a daily average of 100,733 cases last week, a decrease of 12% compared to the previous week, but with significant increases in some states like Wyoming, Alabama and New Jersey. At the same time, the daily average of deaths from covid-19 has decreased by 20% and hospitalizations by 4%..

The covid-19 pandemic, declared at the beginning of 2020, has had at least 86.3 million confirmed cases in this country and caused the death of at least 1.01 million people.

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