BTS announces their next album to be released after their military service

BTS confirms what its comeback will be like when all its members finish their military service, we tell you all the details

BTS is one of the most famous South Korean K-Pop artists in history, which is why they have the biggest fandom of all called ARMY. But since the end of 2022, a new hiatus began due to military service.

All members must perform mandatory military service in South Korea that lasts for 18 months that began with Jin in December last year. All of BTS is expected to conclude in the year 2025.

Although RM, J-Hope and Jimin are doing their own solo projects at the moment, it has just been announced what the entire BTS comeback will be like for when they all finish their military service.

The agency HYBE Labels just held a meeting to decide what will happen to BTS during and after their military service. Among the results is organizing Suga’s tour, as well as more individual projects and another collaboration with McDonalds.

And most importantly, HYBE has already decided that BTS will have their comeback in 2025 with the release of a new mini album. It is the only thing that has been confirmed for now. Although BTS’s comeback in 2025 will become an iconic date for ARMY, the most special date for the HYBE band’s fandom is July 9, since it is the anniversary of the creation of the most important group of fans of the boy band. K-Pop famous.