BTS DALMAJUNG 2022, the new official merchandise that will be available worldwide

To Celebrate Chuseok With DALMAJUNG 2022. In Photos And New Release Trailer, BTS Members Exude Charisma And Wear Hanbok

Hoping to celebrate the Korean harvest festival Chuseok, HYBE will launch the new BTS DALMAJUNG 2022 product line this September.

BTApreviously came out with a huge collection around the same time of year last time.

Various official garments, photo card sets, key chains, badge sets, hand mirrors, Yut Nori kits, special photo albums, folders, etc. inspired by Korean culture were put up for sale on Weverse online stores.

BTS’s official YouTube channel BANGTANTV had released the solo Hyung line (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope) teasers earlier, and today they released the remaining Maknae line (V, Jimin, and Jungkook) teasers. along with the main trailer that features the entire group together.

The seven K-Pop singers together look like a star-studded cast of a possible K-Drama series. The previews show her enchanting images at their glorious best, while the moonlit night complements the ethereal concept.

And as always, photos of BTS members wearing the elegant Hanbok are making the rounds on various social media platforms as their fans (ARMY) rejoice at the visual beauty and aesthetics of the concept.