BTS’ V to Star in IU’s “Love Wins” Music Video

The singer announced that within a few days she will release the music video for her new song

The seven members of BTS are completing their military service, but that does not mean that they left without leaving content prepared for their fans, Army, in these months that they are absent, that is why V previously recorded the music video “Love Wins” by IU.

Through her social networks, the singer IU, who also stands out as an actress, shared the official poster of the music video for “Love Wins” in which she revealed that V from BTS will be the protagonist along with her.
IU had recently shared some details about the recording of the music video, which was recorded days before V enlisted in the military service along with RM, leader of BTS.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that IU has worked with any of the members of BTS, since a year ago she recorded the song “People pt 2” for the album “D-DAY” by August D, SUGA’s alterego, in addition who also has a collaboration with the rapper called “eight.”

IU, who is one of the most important soloists in South Korea, announced that the video for “Love Wins” will be released at the same time as the song on different streaming platforms.

The music video for “Love Wins” will premiere this January 24 at 6:00 PM South Korea time. In Mexico, we can see the video in the early morning, that is, at 3:00 AM central time in our country.