BTS’s J-Hope already has a date set for his military enlistment

The 29-year-old singer posted “on the street” on March 3, in collaboration with American rapper-producer J. Cole

J-Hope, a member of K-pop superstar BTS, has announced that he is due to enlist in the military, the singer said Thursday during a live broadcast on Weverse, an online platform for communities of fans of the army. K-pop.

However, he did not reveal the exact date, apparently hoping to make his future entry into a military training camp go under the radar.

«I cannot give you the details, but I already have the date of my enlistment. It’s time to get ready,” he said. He also added that he believes that the right thing to do is to fulfill his duty as soon as possible and show his fans a more mature side of himself.

The group’s management agency, BigHit Music, said last month that the dancer-rapper would start the enlistment process, requesting the termination of the deferral of his recruitment, without providing a concrete deadline for entry.

He will become the second BTS member to enlist, following Jin, the oldest member, who began his military service in December.

In South Korea, all able-bodied men are required to serve in the Army for about two years.