BTS’s Jungkook and Suga release song “Stay Alive” from ‘7FATES: CHACKHO’

‘Stay Alive’ was finally published, the song that Suga produced and which is performed by Jungkook. This theme is part of the soundtrack of “7FATES: CHACKHO”.

A few days ago, a preview of Stay Alive was shown, the new song by Jungkook and Suga from BTS, which is part of the soundtrack of the comic 7FATES: CHACKHO in which the members of the South Korean group are the protagonists. And for the Army there is good news since this topic has finally been published.

It was the night of this February 10 when Stay Alive, a song produced by Suga and performed by Jungkook, was fully released.

The song can now be heard on all streaming platforms, plus there is also a video on YouTube with the audio.

What surprised BTS fans, in addition to being able to listen to Stay Alive in full, is that Jungkook already has a profile on Spotify and, as expected, the support of the Army was immediate and within a few hours he already has more than 268 thousand followers.

After the first preview of the song was released, many fans were captivated by Suga’s production and Jungkook’s voice.

This song is part of the soundtrack of the comic 7FATES: CHACKHO, which is available through Webtoon. In the comic tells us the story of Zeha, who receives an offer from a mysterious man, the next day Zeha wakes up in the hospital without remembering what happened.

Every Saturday a new chapter is published and so far four have been published plus the epilogue.